Our project is of key importance as a factor for protection and future for the intelligent territorial development of the cross-border region. He established cooperation for joint activities between the target group in the field of cultural heritage and the revival of folk traditions. The search for joint solutions to common issues and priority areas of intervention for sustainable cooperation through efficient use of regional resources and the achievement of added value for the various objects of tangible and intangible cultural heritage are prerequisites for the development of a supportive heritage environment subject to active cross-border dialogue. The successful implementation of the project has contributed to improving access to historical and natural landmarks with an emphasis on the importance of preserving cultural heritage.

We presented folk, historical and cultural traditions and ethnic diversity, we provoked the young generation to continue to preserve folk art. We helped the folklore groups by buying 40 new folk costumes. We bought traditional musical instruments. We held concerts of folklore ensembles in several cities. Seminars on “Folklore – past and present”. Visits to the target group on demonstration tours. We showed the real state of the tourist infrastructure and the opportunities for development in these two regions.

The successful completion of the project has contributed to improving access to historical and natural landmarks, as well as to increasing the tourist attractiveness of the cross-border region, emphasizing the importance of preserving cultural heritage. Maintaining the identity and uniqueness of the traditional national cultures of Bulgaria and Turkey. The creative potential of the target group. Creating a sense of pride in belonging to a particular ethnic state. Creating lasting friendships between all participants. Creating opportunities for full communication between the generations and stimulating understanding and dialogue.